::: Wat er ook gebeurt... Blijf positief

Don't let BAD experiences in life, take away your positivity! I mean, take a close look at it. Life... It's just a journey with experiences for you from the day you are born untill the day you will die. Yes... you will die! And other people around you will die too. Some die before you, and others die after you did. But that's just what life is about...

It all has to do with positivity. Your thoughts are frequencies sended out in to the universe (on to God if you want to believe so). At least the last ten years of my life I try to keep focused on positive energy. A positive way of thinking is real hard in an environment where there is so much negativity coming towards you. But it isn't impossible! I've learned that through the years...

So what I'm trying to explain is, if you got the feeling that all goes shitty in your life and only badluck comes to visit you all the time, try to switch your whole way of thinking. It starts with the little things. How do you deal with stressfull situations or with dumb ass confrontations? For instance, when somebody says something to you, how do you reply? Do you reply in anger or do you stay calm? Are you pointing fingers all the time or are you taking a look at yourself? Most important... Do you try to do things out of hate, jealousy, envy or do you try to do things out of love?

Love is a powerfull universal force. With love people can overcome the biggest obstacles in life. I once read: "Love is much stronger than death. Love can't stop death from happening. No matter how hard death tries, it can't seperate people from love. It can't take away memories. In the end, love is stronger than death..." Remember that!

I'm not trying to be 'the guru' or something. I'm telling you this, because I've experienced it myself! This year, my girl and I lost our unborn baby... At almost six months of pregnancy. If I didn't believe it's true, what I just told you, I was a deadman walking right now, mentally. It's one of the hardest things to experience, to lose your child. Born or unborn... It's your child that's been taken away by life.

But I (we both do) believe everything has a reason in life. Death is a part of life. There is no life without death! For millions of years people are dying. So we think it's hypocrite to ask an 'Universal Power' (or GOd if you prefer): "Why us? Why our baby? Why did this happen to us? Why this, why that...". There's no logical answer to this, but: "That's the way life can go!" I think life is all about the experiences and lessons. What we can do with it at the end stays a question untill our time's up. Untill our life ends with death, as it always did...


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